This is Braincoats

What if you were to take angst, frustration and sentimentality, stuff it down a blender and punch the on-button ’till it stays in? What if you would throw in loud guitars, bouncing basslines and energetic drums? What if BRAINCOATS already did that for you?

While the band stands with one foot in the gutter of punk rock, the other foot is always always trying to find the next place to stand. Blending the obnoxious sounds of Social Distortion and Bad Religion with the heartsoaked howls of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Bruce Springsteen. This band only commits to one rule; there are no rules and therefore no influence is being left out.

This is the sound of having a blast in the middle of a bad break-up, this is the sound of being love sick and frustrated, this is the sound of BRAINCOATS.